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A few Remarkable Research Contributions Presented at International Conference held at Sharda University, Greater Noida ,29-31 Jan.2016

It is well known that Mathematics is the mother of all technologies. This was very well exhibited in the lectures of distinguished scholars gathered at Sharda University on the Silver Jubilee conference of Indian Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Some of the emerging themes discussed are given below:

Prof L. Chua of California University at Berkeley, USA, a renowned electrical engineer explained in great detail that all elements are available to manufacture computer with brain. He also explained complexity and chaos in an interesting way. Prof. G. Rangarajan of Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore presented his recent research work on detection of connectivity patterns in brain network. Prof. Majaz Moonis, Director, Stroke of Medical Centre Massachussets University, USA elaborated his research on application of Mathematical tools and techniques to understand and cure diseases like epilepsy, sleep disorder and brain tumor. This kind of research is being carried out also at Sharda University. Prof. Veerappa Gowda of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Centre of Applicable Mathematics, Bangalore presented his interesting work on enhancement of oil recovery. Prof. Gunter Leugering, Vice President of a reputed university in Germany presented his current research work on “optimization materials and process in the context of Industrial Applications”. Other distinguished invited speakers devoted their talks on themes such as prediction of epilepsy seizure, understanding of global warming, accurate prediction of weather, volatility of financial market, storage and communication of Big Data, study of carbon nanotube.

In the key note address, Prof. K.R. Sreenivasan former Director International Centre of Theoretical Physics (a UNESCO organization), Trieste, Italy and currently a senior functionary of New York University explained relevance of Mathematical concepts in emerging fields of Science and Technology. Honb’le Home Minister, Govt. of India, Shri Rajnath Singh was the Chief Guest on this occasion.