Contents of Volume 1(2)

  1. New Lorentz-like Chaotic Flows with minimal Algebraic structure
  2. Jean-Marc Malasoma

  3. The Soliton Solution of BBGKY Quantum Kinetic Equations Chain for Different Type Particles System
  4. Mukhayo Yunusovna Rasulova and Umarbek Avazov

  5. High Frequency WKB Approximations for Acoustic Waves in Ocean
  6. F.D.Zaman and Zeid I.A. Al-Muhiameed

  7. Application of Mathematical Models to Assess the Supply of Energy in India
  8. L.P.Rai and Naresh Kumar

  9. Error Estimates for the Inverse Problem of Identifying Variable Coefficients by the Modified Least-squares
  10. Baasansuren Jadamba and Akhatar A. Khan

  11. Convergence of Orthogonal Collocation on Finite Elements for Parabolic Partial Differential Equations
  12. Shelly Arora, Sukhjit Singh Dhaliwal and Vijay Kumar Kukreja

  13. Approximate Optimisation of Convex Set Functions
  14. Davinder Bhatia, Narender Kumar and Aparna Mehra