Contents of Volume 2(1)

  1. Fusion of Over-Segmentations for Improved Data Clustering
  2. Ahsan Ahmad Ursani, Kidiyo Ppalma, Joseph Ronsin and B.S. Chowdhary

  3. Effect of Couple Stress on the Control of Haemolysis Caused by Artificial Cartilages in Synovial Joints Made Up of Metals
  4. N. Rudraiah

  5. Convergence of a Class of Non-Orthogonal Wavelet Expansions Associated with Dilation Matrix
  6. Firdous Ahmad Shah, A.H. Siddiqi and N.A. Sheikh

  7. Deterministic Heuristics and an Evolutionary Algorithm for the Bounded Diameter Minimum Spanning Tree Problem
  8. C. Patvardhan and V. Prem Prkash

  9. Existence of Multiple Solutions for a System of Four-Point Boundary Value Problems with piLaplacian Operator
  10. Robabeh Sahandi Torogh and M.Y. Gokhale

  11. Natural Convection in a Cavity with Mutually Orthogonal Thermally Active Baffles
  12. A.K. Abdul Hakeem, S. Saravanan and P. Kandaswamy