Contents of Volume 2(2)

  1. Air Pollution Dispersion Under the Effect of Vertical Height Dependent Wind Speed and Downwind Distance Dependent Diffusivity and Removal
  2. Manju Agarwal and Abhinav Tandon

  3. Lāˆž – Error Estimates for Ergodic Control Variational Inequalities
  4. Messoud Boulbrachene

  5. Statistical and Spectral Analysis of a New Weakly coupled Maps System
  6. Sebastien Henaff, Ina Taralova and Rene Lozi

  7. An Integrated Production Inventory Model with Imperfect Production Process in Buyoant Market
  8. Nita H. Shah, Ajay S. Gor and Chetan Jhaveri

  9. Steady Flow of a Visco-elastic Second-grade Fluid between Two Enclosed Rotating Discs with Uniform Suction and Injection
  10. H.G. Sharma, Ritu and M.P. Singh

  11. Flow of an Incompressible Fluid in a Cubical Cavity with a free Fluid-porous Medium Interface
  12. Ashok K. Singh, Nirmal C. Sacheti and Pallath Chandran