Associated Persons

Persons Actively Associated with the Society in the Recent Past:

  1. Prof. A.H. Siddiqi (Click Here to see his  Bio-data)      (Click Here to see his summarized work)
  2. Prof. H.P. Dikshit (Click Here to see his Profile)
  3. Prof. N.K. Gupta (Click Here to see his Profile)
  4. Prof. U.P. Singh
  5. Prof. Karmeshu
  6. Prof. Kesavan
  7. Prof. O. P. Bhutani
  8. Prof. Bhola Ishwar
  9. Prof. V.P. Saxena
  10. Prof. K. Ahmad
  11. Prof. P. Manchanda (Click Here to see her Profile)
  12. Prof. V.K. Parashar
  13. Dr. K.R. Paradasni
  14. Prof. A.K. Pani
  15. Prof. P. Kandaswami
  16. Prof. Rashmi Bhardwaj (CV short Prof Rashmi Bhardwaj)
  17. Dr. Q.H. Ansari.
  18. Prof. C. Mohan

Past Office Bearers:

1. Late Professor J.N.Kapur,President, 1990-2002