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International Conference in Conjunction with 14th Biennial Conference of ISIAM

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  1.  Prof. (Dr.) Jaspal Singh Sandhu, Vice Chancellor, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar
  2. K. R. Sreenivasan, Ex-Director ICTP, Trieste, Italy and currently senior functionary New York University

Steering Committee:

  1. U. P. Singh, Ex. Vice Chancellor, Purvanchal University
  2. H. P. Dixit, Ex. President, ISIAM and Ex. VC, IGNOU
  3. N. K. Gupta, Ex. President, ISIAM
  4. Prof. Subodh Kumar
  5. Prof Kamaljit Singh (Dean Academic,GNDU)
  6. K. S. Kahlon, Registrar, GNDU
  7. R. C. Singh, COE, Sharda University
  8. P. Manchanda, Organising Secretary

Scientific Committee:

  1. K. R. Sreenivasan, USA
  2. A. H. Siddiqi, India
  3. M. Z. Nashed, USA
  4. Gunter Leugering, Germany
  5. N. K. Gupta, India
  6. R. Lozi, France
  7. D. Walnut
  8. G. D. V. Gowda, India
  9. A. Adimurthi, India
  10. A. K. Pani, India
  11. R. K. Mohanty, India

Local Organizing Committee:

  1. Pammy Manchanda (Chairman)
  2. T. D. Narang
  3. Om Prakash
  4. Parminder Singh
  5. L. K. Grover
  6. Charanjeet Singh
  7. Jatinder Kumar
  8. Hardeep Singh

Office Bearers of ISIAM:

  1. President: Prof. A. H. Siddiqi, Sharda University, Knowledge Park-3, Greater Noida-201 310, Delhi NCR, India
  2. Vice-President (Academic): Prof. G. D. V. Gowda, TIFR CAM, Bangalore
  3. Vice-President (Executive): Prof. A. K. Pani, IIT-Bombay
  4. Secretary: Prof. P. Manchanda, Gur Nanak Dev University, Amritsar
  5. Treasurer: Prof. Balachandran, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore
  6. Joint Secretary: Prof. Rashmi Bharadwaj, GGSIP, Delhi and Prof. Shashi Kumar Ganesan, IISc, Bangalore



1. Prof. Z. Aslan, Turkey 17. Prof. Charles A Langston, USA
2. Prof. S. Dharmraja, India 18. Prof. Farokh Marvasti, UK/Iran
3. Prof. A. P. Dimri, India 19. Prof. B. Merouani, Algeria
4. Prof. V. P. Dimri, India 20. Prof. R. N. Mohapatra, USA
5. Prof. I. Duff, U.K. 21. Prof. Majaz Moonis, USA
6. Prof. G. Fairweather, USA 22. Prof. M. Z. Nashed, USA
7. Prof. Marie Farge, France 23. Prof. Neela Natraj, India
8. Prof. H. Feichtinger, Austria 24. Prof. G. Pfander, Germany
9. Prof. S. Fridli, Hungary 25. Prof. Pavel Exner, Czechoslovakia
10. Prof. Guenter Leugering, Germany 26. Prof. B. V. Rathish Kumar, India
11. Prof. Arvind Gupta, Canada 27. Prof. M. Rasulova, Uzbekistan
12. Prof. Stephane Jaffard, France 28. Prof. M. Shah Jahan, USA
13. Prof. Abdul Jerri, USA 29. Prof. M. Skopina, Russia
14. Prof. A. Khan, USA 30. Prof. Ucan, Turkey
15. Prof. Michal Kocvara, U.K. 31. Prof. David Walnut, USA
16. Prof. R. Lozi, France 32. Prof. A. Zayed, USA
33. Prof Fahima Nekka, Canada



Topics to be focused but not restricted to

  1. Wavelets and applications
  2. Sampling theorems and applications
  3. Inverse problems and applications
  4. PDEs as model of real world problems
  5. Computational linguistics
  6. Mathematical models and methods for Meteorology, Earth systems, Environmental and Medical science
  7. Oil industry

Broad Related Areas: Approximation theory, Analytic and numerical solution of PDE, Functional analysis and Harmonic analysis


Persons desirous of participation and presentation of papers should submit an abstract of their papers not exceeding one page in word format giving a few pertinent references.

The papers presented during the conference may be published by a reputed publisher after peer review. Details will be available at www.siam-india.in



Interested participants are requested to fill the Registration Form and send as an attachment to [email protected] or can send directly to:

Prof. P. Manchanda (Organizing Secretary) Head, Department of Mathematics

Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDU), G.T. Road, Off NH-1, Amritsar

Punjab – 143 005




Categories Fees


Non-ISIAM member Rs. 5,000/-
ISIAM members and research scholars Rs. 4,000/-
Accompanying person Rs. 1,500/-
Foreigners/NRI US$ 100

The registration fee is to be sent to Organizing Secretary by Cheque or DD in favour of “Indian Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics” payable at Canara Bank, Gopal Nagar, Amritsar (Account No.: 2082101020759).

The registration fee can also be transferred electronically to the following bank:

Name of the Bank : Canara Bank
Branch Address : Gopal Nagar, Amritsar, India
Account Name : Indian Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Account Number : 2082101020759
IFSC Code : CNRB 0002082


Submission of the abstract : 30th November, 2017
Acceptance of paper for presentation : 15th December, 2017
Submission of full paper for publication : 28th February, 2018


The university has a guest house and room may also be provided to the participants in the university hostel on first come first serve basis. Good hotels are also available.

NOTE: Research scholars will be provided accommodation in the hostels.


Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDU), Amritsar, Punjab – 143005, INDIA


Prof. P. Manchanda, (Organizing Secretary) Prof. A. H. Siddiqi, President, ISIAM
Head, Department of Mathematics

Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDU), G.T. Road, Off NH-1, Amritsar, Punjab – 143 005

M: +91-9815010067, E:  [email protected]

M: +91-9871069944,

E:  [email protected]